Killjoy took up the alias as a bold statement. The name came from two of her favourite artists: Bowie and My Chemical Romance. Her love of all forms of rock ‘n’ roll as well as alternative, pop, and rap has given her an eclectic sound and a passion for music. This artist and producer have crafted a production style that leans into her uniqueness to create a sonic art style fitted to all mediums. Hosting radio shows and creating podcasts, all under various names, has been Killjoy’s pandemic project. For the launch of her professional career, Killjoy is devoting herself to her art and her projects. She has launched a Twitch live stream and a Youtube channel where she expresses other aspects of her personality, including her love of comics and video games.

Killjoy has been playing music from a young age with an admiration for artists like The Smiths, Joy Division, David Bowie, and more. Her influences span many genres and many decades, but rock ‘n’ roll is always the foundation of her music.